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Rubén Hernández

PHP Backend Web Developer

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I develop using mainly PHP and Yii2. I have over 10 years of experience programming in LAMP (Linux, pache, MySQL and PHP) environments. The first language that I learned was JAVA, gaining a solid foundation of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). I know how to design databases, and SQL language, preferring the use of an ORM system that abstracts the database.

I'm always focused on writing clean, modular, and readable code.
Also I like TDD and testing even I'm not an expert on that subject.
The use of JQuery, along with Bootstrap, are some of my skills on the Front-end.

Latest Projects

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FullStack developer making use of PHP and Yii2.
Frontend theme integration and database modeling.
Ubuntu server installation and configuration, using Nginx web server.

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HeavyCMS Open Source

Lead developer of HeavyCMS, a basic open source CMS. I used PHP and Yii2 framework to develop this project, and also I designed the database schema.

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Other Projects

Private Teacher Open Source

Class and hours manager for private teachers. This is a personal project developed using Yii2 PHP framework.

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Origin of the Memes Open Source

Website that collects the best memes. This is a personal project developed using Yii2 PHP framework. Frontend was developed using Bootstrap

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Motas de lana

WordPress child theme creation to extends the main theme (pinclone) functionalities. Secure SSL certificate installation.

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Work Experience

PHP Developer - Freelance (2015 - Present)

Webpage development, mainly using PHP Yii2 framework. Make use of codeception to create acceptance tests. Use of Git to organize the code. Mobile first and responsive design.

Founder and Developer - InDaHouseRulez (2009 - 2015)

Webpages development with high speed load using PHP. I was the team leader for some projects.

Full Stack web developer - Freelance (2006 - 2009)

Webpage development using PHP, HTML and CSS. Fast load webpages using CDNs.

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